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Hyderabad: These observe questions specializing in Hyderabad metropolis will assist aspirants betterprepare for the State authorities recruitment examinations.

Matter: Hyderabad Metropolis

1. Who established the Hyderabad metropolis?

a) Md Quli-Qutb-Shah

b) Nizam ul-Mulk

c) Sikinder Jha

d) Mohammed Shah

Ans: a

Rationalization: Hyderabad, as soon as often known as ‘Bhagyanagar’, was established round AD 1591 by Mohammad Quli-Qutb-Shah, the fifth ruler of Qutb-Shahi dynasty. The town was established eight-kilometres distance to the east of Golkonda fort and south of Musi river. Hyderabad, also called “the town of pearls”, functioned as Civil capital throughout the Qutb-Shahi rule.

2. Which districts are lined beneath HMDA?
a) Rangareddy, Medchal

b) Vikarabad, Sangareddy
c) Yadadri Bhuvanagiri

d) All the above
Ans: d
Rationalization: The Hyderabad Metropolitan Growth Authority (HMDA) is the city planning company of Hyderabad. The HMDA administers the Hyderabad Metropolitan Area, unfold over an space of seven,257 km (2,802 sq m) and covers the districts of Hyderabad, Medchal district, a part of Rangareddy district, Bhuvanagiri district, and Sangareddy district.

3. What’s the interval of Nizam-Ul-Mulk?

a) AD 1724-48 b) AD 1723-44 c) AD 1722-46 d) AD 1721-42
Rationalization: Nizam-ul-Mulk, bearing the title of Asaf Jah, established his personal kingdom in AD 1724 and thereby began ruling Asaf Jahi dynasty, also called Nizams, which lasted until the police motion (by Indian Union) in 1948. The Asaf Jahi dynasty dominated Deccan areas or the Nizam dominions of princely State of Hyderabad for round 224 years (AD 1724 to 1948).

4. When was Chaderghat declared as a particular municipality?

a) 1884 b) 1885 c) 1886 d) 1887
Ans: c

Rationalization: Chaderghat is taken into account one of many busiest areas of Hyderabad metropolis and is situated on the banks of Musi River. Chaderghat was first declared a municipality in 1886. In 1933, it was merged with Hyderabad municipality to kind the Hyderabad Municipal Company.

5. What number of metropolis surrounding municipalities merged in Hyderabad metropolis in 2007?

a) 11 b) 12 c) 14 d) 15
Ans: c

Rationalization: The GHMC, constituted in April, 2007, covers an space of 650 sq km extending into the districts of Hyderabad (absolutely), Rangareddy, Medchal, and Yadadri. It was shaped with the merger of erstwhile Municipal Company of Hyderabad with the encircling 12 municipalities.

6. Musi floods occurred in?

a) 1907 b) 1908 c) 1906 d) 1905

Ans: b
Rationalization: The Musi flood was a devastating flood that occurred on 28 September, 1908 in Hyderabad on the banks of Musi River.

7. Which is the very best planning authority of the town of Hyderabad?

a) HMDA b) HUDA c) GHMC d) HMC
Ans: a

Rationalization: The Hyderabad Metropolitan Growth Space is an apex planning physique of Hyderabad. It was constituted beneath a particular act of the State Legislature in 2008. The HMDA was shaped by the merging of the next erstwhile entities: Hyderabad City Growth Authority (HUDA), Hyderabad Airport Growth Authority (HADA), Cyberabad Growth Authority (CDA) and Buddha Poornima Mission Authority (BPPA).

8. Himayat Sagar was inbuilt?

a) 1937 b) 1927 c) 1917 d) 1947

Ans: b
Rationalization: Himayat Sagar is a man-made lake of about 20 kilometres (12 mi) from Hyderabad in Telangana. The storage capability of the reservoir is 2.9 tmc ft. The development of reservoirs on the Esi, a tributary of the Musi river, was accomplished in 1927, with the intention of offering a ingesting water supply for Hyderabad and defending the town from floods. It was constructed throughout the reign of the final Nizam of Hyderabad, Nizam VII and is called after his youngest son Himayat Ali Khan.

9. Osman Sagar was constructed in?

a) 1920 b) 1927 c) 1937 d) 1947
Ans: a

Rationalization: Osman Sagar was created by damming the Musi river in 1920, to supply a further supply of ingesting water for Hyderabad and to guard the town after the Musi flood of 1908. It was constructed throughout the reign of the final Nizam of Hyderabad State, Osman Ali Khan, therefore the identify.
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