Cyclone Gulab: some trains cancelled, others to run on diverted routes

Some trains have been cancelled and a few others are diverted or rescheduled for the security of passengers and prepare operations in view of Cyclone Gulab.

The trains, which have been cancelled on the origination station, on September 26 are 08445 Bhubaneswar – Jagdalpur particular, 02097 Bhubaneswar – Junagadh Street particular, 08217 Rourkela – Gunupur particular.

The trains cancelled on the originating station are 08446 Jagdalpur- Bhubaneswar particular, 02098 Junagarh – Street Bhubaneswar particular and 08128 Gunupur – Rourkela particular.

The trains, which is able to run in diverted routes by way of Kharagpur, Jharsguda and Balharshah on September 26, are 02703 Howrah Secunderabad particular, 02245 Howrah-Yesvantpur particular, 08645 Howrah-Secunderabad particular, 02609 Santragachi-Tirupati particular, 02543 Howrah-Chennai Central particular, 02663 Howrah-Tirupati particular and 08189 Tata-Ernakulam.

Six different lengthy distance trains can even run on diverted routes.

Eight different trains have been rescheduled to go away the originating station between 2 and 11 hours late in view of the cyclone, stated the railway officers.

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