7 Totally different Forms of Punching Baggage

Training boxing at residence utilizing any of the various various kinds of punching luggage can increase your ability stage. Whether or not you’re studying conventional boxing or one other fight sport, it’s a wonderful exercise, and it helps construct the total-body power that high-level punching and boxing demand.

“Despite the fact that you’re specializing in the higher physique, it’s a full-body exercise … you’ll use your decrease physique, again, and core. Your stance and energy come out of your decrease physique — not from throwing your arms.”

Laila Ali, world champion boxer and daughter of Muhammad Ali.

To construct muscle tone and sharpen your abilities, you’ll want the very best boxing bag. Various kinds of boxing luggage differ in measurement and form to go well with particular boxing methods. They comprise numerous mild and heavy supplies relying on the specified weight and motion when punched.

Selecting the best kind of punching bag on your residence gymnasium may be tough. For those who discover out the very best makes use of for every boxing bag, you’ll be capable of inform which is the very best punch bag for the boxing abilities you’ll want to refine. 

Red boxing gym with many types of punching bags.
Punching luggage come within the variety of differing styles and sizes, every with their very own particular makes use of.

Heavy Punching Baggage

Because the title suggests, heavy luggage are weighted, making them supreme for boxers who need to construct muscle tone. The sturdy sand or grain filling inside these punch luggage resists bouncing and swinging when hit. There are a couple of various kinds of heavy luggage to select from relying on the boxing strikes you need to apply.

Hanging Heavy Bag

A normal heavy bag is without doubt one of the most versatile boxing bag sorts. It has an extended, cylindrical form that makes it appropriate for a lot of fundamental methods, together with punches, kicks, and elbows. Studying how one can grasp a heavy bag from a ceiling or wall could make it extra handy for small areas or residence apply. 

Due to this punching luggage swinging motion, it will possibly stand up to highly effective punches. As a result of these kinds of boxing luggage have little or no give upon absorbing a strike, it is best to use protecting gloves to keep away from damage to your hand while bag punching.

  • Talent stage: inexperienced persons, all ranges
  • Greatest for: power coaching, fundamental methods

Free Standing Heavy Bag

The free standing bag is a substitute for a dangling heavy bag and is supported from the bottom by a water or sand base. It has a low middle of gravity, making it optimum for kicking and punching. 

Free standing boxing luggage are perfect for inexperienced persons; nonetheless, they’re much less proof against highly effective blows than a dangling heavy bag. If you would like an possibility you’ll be able to stash in a closet after use, a freestanding bag is a good alternative.

  • Talent stage: inexperienced persons
  • Greatest for: power coaching, fundamental methods

Uppercut Bag

For those who’re seeking to apply mixture punching, uppercut luggage are a centered possibility for simply that. Smaller than a heavy, this bag mounts on to the wall. Boxers select this bag for mixtures like hooks to uppercuts as a result of its form mirrors the jaw space the place these punches typically land. 

“Uppercuts are crucial to boxing apply. A major energy punch, they require being near your opponent and shortly bringing your fist from their waist to attach at their jaw.”

As a result of it’s fastened to the wall, this punch bag lacks motion, and you may solely hit it from a couple of angles. It doesn’t measure as much as various kinds of punching luggage that target hand-eye coordination and rhythm coaching. Nevertheless, uppercut luggage have goal areas which can be wonderful for bettering the pace and fluidity of mixture punches that contain uppercuts.

  • Talent stage: all ranges
  • Greatest for: uppercuts, mixture punches

Angled Heavy Bag

On this variation of a suspended heavy bag, the broader high of the boxing bag extends at an angle from the underside. The highest half of the form of this punching bag is good for training uppercuts and straight punches, whereas the underside is healthier fitted to kicks and physique hooks. 

The angled heavy bag contains the advantages of a number of forms of luggage. It’s someplace between a typical heavy bag and an uppercut bag, making it a wonderful punching bag possibility for mixture coaching. 

Due to its weight, it will possibly assist power coaching with out bouncing or swinging. For those who’re seeking to construct muscle whereas combining completely different methods, this is a perfect alternative.

  • Talent stage: all ranges
  • Greatest for: power coaching, uppercuts, mixture punching

Mild Punching Baggage

Not all forms of punching luggage are massive and heavy. If you wish to refine your pace, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination, it’s greatest to apply on a light-weight punching bag. Choices for mild punching luggage differ in measurement and swing, so be sure you decide the very best one for the talents you’re making an attempt to construct.

Pace Bag

Because the title implies, a pace bag, or pace ball, is the popular alternative for boxers who need to showcase quick punching strikes. Most forms of pace luggage contain a small, air-filled bag mounted to a board, and a spring attachment shortly bounces it again to you after every hit. 

The small bag is available in numerous fundamental sizes, so a newbie can prepare on a bigger goal and step by step measurement right down to a peanut ball. 

If you wish to check your hand-eye coordination on a small, shifting goal, a pace bag is a perfect possibility for sharpening your pace and rhythm. This punching bag will problem you to hit with actual precision and timing to land repeated punches (1).

Talent stage: inexperienced persons, all ranges

Greatest for: pace, timing

A speed bag is one of the most popular types of punching bags.
The pace bag is used to enhance the fluidity and total mechanics of quick punches.

Double Finish Baggage

This light-weight, basketball-shaped bag will get its title as a result of it’s suspended between two attachment factors on the ground and ceiling. You might customise the stress of the coils to regulate the quantity of swing. The ball additionally is available in a wide range of sizes, relying on how superior your accuracy is.

Just like the pace bag, the double-end bag has a strong bounce-back impact after you strike it. It’s a really perfect punching bag for training pace and rhythm. Its attachment factors trigger it to maneuver in a means that simulates an opponent, that means you’ll have to make use of blocking and counter-striking methods. Coaching towards completely different sorts of punching luggage that transfer and bounce are crucial to increase your defensive reflexes (2).

One widespread customization for the double-end bag replaces the ball with a figure-8, or hourglass-shaped punching goal, which lets you refine your physique hits’ pace and accuracy. For those who grasp your individual double-end bag at residence, you’ll be able to alter its stress and ball kind to your most popular settings for punching.

  • Talent stage: all ranges
  • Greatest for: pace punching, timing, blocking, counter-strikes

Maize Bag

This smaller punching bag is the right software for training head actions. The title “maize bag” refers to its conventional corn filling, which supplies it a balanced swing. It comes suspended from the ceiling for handy small-space use. Just like the double-end bag, it challenges you to construct up your defensive positions and counter-strikes (3).

The maize bag’s measurement and form usually are not supreme for training kicks and physique hits. Nevertheless, it’s a helpful various to the uppercut bag for engaged on hooks and waist-to-jaw punches. Due to its swinging motion, it’s a versatile possibility for creating your upper-body hits’ rhythm and timing.

  • Talent stage: all ranges
  • Greatest for: head actions, uppercuts, counter-strikes

Closing Ideas On Totally different Punching Bag Sorts

Now that you simply’ve found the fundamental forms of punching luggage and the advantages of every one, it’s time to decide on the correct of punching bag on your boxing apply.

Contemplate your objectives with boxing: Are you coaching to ultimately take a struggle? Do you need to tone your muscle tissue and enhance your well-being? Do you try to be taught and excellent method greater than the rest? The solutions to those questions will allow you to resolve between the various kinds of punching luggage you’ll be able to add to your house gymnasium.

Your present stage of experience is one other issue. For inexperienced persons increase their residence gymnasium, it’s important to decide on the bag kind that meets your wants and permits for ability growth. On the similar time, you don’t need to overdo it with heavy-duty punching luggage for those who’re simply studying fundamental strikes.

All that’s left to do is discover ways to grasp a bag and also you’ll have many customizable choices for creating the very best boxing and total martial arts expertise with out leaving the home. You may additionally be fascinated about making your individual DIY punching bag.

For those who’re nonetheless unsure, listed below are some fast solutions to probably the most searched questions on forms of punching luggage. 


Hitting a heavy bag daily is not going to damage you. It’s crucial to maintain your palms lined with protecting wraps, or else you threat damage. However so long as you’re training safely, you’ll be able to hit a heavy as usually as you want.

Skilled boxers will hit the heavy bag for as much as 5 rounds of 3-5 minutes. It’s really useful that you simply mix your heavy bag exercise with different types of train like cardio and stretching. Splitting your coaching between heavy and light-weight punching luggage will make you a extra well-rounded boxer.

70lb boxing luggage fall into the heavy class. Heavy boxing luggage are available in numerous weights as much as 160lbs. It’s greatest to decide on a bag that’s about half your individual physique weight, so a 70lb boxing bag is the right match for a boxer who weighs 140lbs.

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