15-Minute Boxing Bag Exercise From PJ Shirdan

In terms of efficient and environment friendly boxing exercises, PJ Shirdan is aware of greatest. In spite of everything, he is the founding coach at FightCamp and is a NASM-certified coach and an authorized MMA power and conditioning coach. Shirdan created a FightCamp-inspired boxing bag exercise you are able to do if you’re brief on time. It is a high-intensity, full-body session meant to burn energy, enhance power, and assist with stability. “It’s going to construct lean muscle, burn fats, and depart you feeling stronger, quicker, and higher than earlier than,” Shirdan informed POPSUGAR.

15-Minute Boxing Bag Exercise From FightCamp’s PJ Shirdan

Tools: Gloves and a boxing bag (non-obligatory). If you do not have a boxing bag, Shirdan suggests doing this exercise with out gear as shadowboxing or holding one-pound weights whereas punching so as to add resistance.

Instructions: Heat up for no less than two minutes with strikes corresponding to arm circles, torso twists, leg swings, hip circles, and reverse lunge and attain. Then, transfer into the majority of the exercise, which consists of three three-minute circuits with one minute of energetic restoration in between them. Every circuit shall be repeated twice earlier than heading into one minute of boxer’s bounces for energetic restoration (you may see that laid out forward); nevertheless, you possibly can take a full one-minute relaxation as an alternative of the boxer’s bounces if you happen to want. You may concentrate on the 4 major punches in boxing: jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. To chill down, do static stretches corresponding to hamstring stretches and a few deep respiratory. Relying on how lengthy you heat up and funky down for — and whether or not you are taking breaks — this exercise ought to final about quarter-hour.

Spherical 1: Repeat Twice

  • Jab and cross: 30 seconds
  • Uppercut and squat: 30 seconds
  • Seated boxer’s twist: 30 seconds

One minute of energetic restoration with boxer’s bounce.

Spherical 2: Repeat Twice

  • Hook: 30 seconds
  • Lunge and punch: 30 seconds
  • Excessive plank: 30 seconds

One minute of energetic restoration with boxer’s bounce.

Spherical 3: Repeat Twice

  • Uppercut: 30 seconds
  • Bob and weave: 30 seconds
  • Athlete’s alternative (favourite two punches): 30 seconds

One minute of energetic restoration with boxer’s bounce.

Word: Shirdan defined that the correct boxing stance means you stand staggered. When you’re right-handed, you may have your left foot in entrance; if you happen to’re left-handed, you may have your proper foot in entrance.

Forward, see step-by-step directions for the way to format the exercise together with the way to do every train. Additionally, try extra exercise content material particularly from FightCamp on the corporate’s web site.

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